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Q - Can I use music from TheRelaxedMovement in my own videos?

Yes of course! In fact, I love it when someone uses music from us! We just ask that you credit the channel with a small amount of text and a link to our channel, which can be found in our YouTube description or on the Terms Of Use page.

Q - Will I get copyrighted claimed or receive a copyright strike for using this music?

We will not copyright strike your video if you use our music and follow the Terms of Use. However, YouTube has a content ID system that can ID music incorrectly and cause copyright issues, which we can't control. This happens often  on YouTube. 

Q - What if I want to monetise my video and it has your music in?

Don't worry, you can still monetise your videos and streams if it contains our music, as long as it follows the Terms Of Use.

Q - How can I use your music in my livestream(s)?

Method 1 - For Twitch and YouTube, play the livestream radio (or selected music that you would like to use from the channel) in your stream.

Method 2 - For Twitch exclusively, use

Q - How do I credit properly?

Just copy and paste the small line of text and link to the channel (which can be found in our Youtube description or on the Terms Of Use page) in your video description. 

Q - Can I sing/rap over your music?

No, alterations of the original tracks are not allowed. You may not add lyrics, remix or sample the music we release.

Q - Can I re-upload or play your music on my music promotion channel?

No, playing our music on another music channel or on a 24/7 livestream is not allowed.

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